Insane footwork Salsa footwork

Level - Expert

The insane salsa footwork video tutorial is finally here, things to keep in mind while watching this tutorial: 1. Do every step in slow motion 2. Count 1,2,3..5,6,7 on every step (this will help you keep your rhythm. 3. Point your toes more and more as you progress 4. Try to dance on your tippy toes (helps you twist faster when necessary 5. Have a lot of fun!!!!

Advanced salsa tutorials

Welcome to the advanced salsa level

Level - Advanced

In this tutorial you will develop your speed when shuffling your feet across the dance floor. Some people may describe you as floating since your feet spend less time in contact with the ground. 

How will this tutorial help me?

- Develops your speed

- Helps you keep your toes pointed

- Develops your stamina 

- Build back muscle to keep a straight posture

Advanced salsa footwork #1 - "The 7 step"

Level - Expert

In this tutorial you will learn the "7 step" salsa footwork which consist of 7 steps and a "repique" for the 7&8 step. As you know salsa music has 8 beats, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and in Salsa we only count 1,2,3..5,6,7. So, for this move we will count all 7 steps except 8th.  

For the purpose of this video I'm using a fast song, however feel free to use a slower song to start and work your way up to a faster salsa song.

How will this tutorial help me?

- Challenges your speed

- Helps you develop "marking" the beats

- Develops your stamina 

- You will learn the "7 Step" salsa footwork