How to do salsa figures 1 - The star with no hands

Level - Intermediate

In this tutorial you learn how to help your partner do a star figure and add it to your arsenal of Salsa moves. We recommend for the person doing the flips to be comfortable doing a star alone by themselves. Ideally you want to try this move over a soft surface and with a partner you can trust that won't drop you. 

Intermediate salsa tutorials

Latino step

Level - Intermediate

This video will show you an essential Colombian step, namely Latino. Count 123..567 when you're trying it for the first time. Note, after the kick on 1, use the counts 2,3 to complete your turn before place your foot down. So, you should land your foot on 3 after you kick on one.

Tip: Try counting 1..3.. 567 instead of 123..567. Recently a student and I discovered that this little tweak in your count can help you avoid any confusion in the counting. Watch the video over and over again to learn it visually.

How to dance salsa fast?

Level - Intermediate

This tutorial will show you how to add a "Cha cha cha" between steps to make your moves seem faster. This is the first trick that will allow you to move with more speed. Also this is a great way to lose weight and practice build up your stamina for the higher level tutorials.  

**Keep the "Cha cha" in mind as it will come up with most of the advanced moves

Punta Talon

Level - Intermediate

In this video you will learn how to do a "Punta Talon" this is one of the most popular steps in Cali Style Salsa and it can be done solo or with a partner. In this tutorial we broke down the steps into 3 sections you can practice to improve your Punta Talon, if you have any questions or comments feel free to ask or email us. Thank you for watching.

If you're having trouble doing the Punta Talon, try turn on the ball of your foot. Usually the problem is lack of hip twist motion.

Dancer: Nelly Maldonado & Estefani Gomez
Instagrams: @bailarina_peligrosa